Use local storage to cache API calls for an optimal experience


React Redux is a proven solution when working with React as a global state management system. A lot of companies when hiring ask for Redux combined with React.

Why persist?

Redux is a splendid solution for sharing state amongst your awesome components but more often it faced you with a challenge when opening the application in a new tab or page refresh resulting in loss of state and if not handled properly will result in a blank screen of death in React for nested values.

How to persist?

You can use a couple of…

All is good until your back is against the wall with a severity 1 blocker.


I work as a tech lead for my firm, one part that we have to ensure is that the deadlines given to us are ensured, work gets distributed amongst the team so one feels left out and maintains a quality/standard of code.

Whenever we have tried to cut corners in any of these at the end the firm had to take some sort of loss which is our responsibility to ensure is not there in any scenario.

Nowadays, People work with cross-platform app’s to ensure…

My way of working with excel in React

Excel is a powerful tool. With many people relying heavily on it, Excel has become an industry standard and is used for creating, manipulating, and working with the bulk of data.

I have used a couple of libraries for generating reports in React. The easiest by a mile was react-csv which, with little to no configuration, can give you a CSV.

But the library that I rely on these days is exceljs.

The reason for using exceljs:

For CSV (Comma-separated values) and normal CSV libraries, something somehow limited you to how much control you have over the…

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Using a bundler is essential for your modern UI applications

Webpack is the OG of all UI bundlers, With the introduction of new UI libraries, it is the need of the hour to bundle your code for all browsers to understand and to create an optimized production build.

There was a time in web development when including a script tag sufficed for loading your favorite JavaScript libraries into your web application, be it JQuery or any other similar library but now the UI is more complicated and powerful. …

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Operating System and Hardware matter equally

I have been a tech enthusiast from a very young age, spending my time mostly on computer devices, playing games having different models of smartphones and everything.

I started initially with Pentium 2 which with some MB of ram and HDD was considered a monster back then, then I went to Dial-up internet where to download a single picture would have to wait hours.

The Operating System I have used

I have used all 3 major OS’s with my time mostly spent on windows back with windows 98 and till windows 10, By far…

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Long gone are the days when Javascript was just a Browser Language.

We live in a day and age where being a full-stack engineer is easier than ever. There was a time when Javascript was considered a language of the UI and it was used to create some sort of minor interactivity in the browser.

The language syntax was not that intuitive, and it was containing little to no developer-friendly syntax. Even the simplest of the network request was not easy to handle. …

Know the tools and technologies for creating impressive web applications

awwwards red collar

As a UI developer when you often see some world-class websites on awwwards or any other similar websites, you often wonder how is that possible using my skill sets. It is not as hard as it seems.

The only tough part is that the tools/technologies that are used are not sometimes focused enough on our learning sources as these websites could take a lot of practice to master and cannot be compressed into a 15min tutorial for creating websites.

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The reason I love working both with React and Angular and why Vue was not an option.

JavaScript Frameworks and my Experience with React

Javascript frameworks unlike other domains and languages do not consist of a monopoly, they are in abundance and in different forms with different use cases.

But the major 3 are React, Angular, and Vue. I started my career as a React Dev and loved the simplicity despite jsx being difficult for some. I had worked with almost all different type of modules that could be part of a webapp, found React to be more than sufficient to satisfy my needs.

Sometimes do I…

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The benefit of using a service like SendGrid over any of the free solutions.

Sending emails is a functionality that is now part of almost all web app , mobile apps any sort of application that has an active user base from logging into the platform to sending promotions.

Getting straight into the problem

Working with a free library that takes your user name and password and starts sending emails seems to be quite good and nice to have until your app goes to production.

Now what happens is that most of the time different organizations don’t work directly with…

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I have been working with a couple of frontend frameworks and libraries abundantly in my day job. Working with React differs from working with something like Angular at least as far as the way both frameworks handle forms.

In Angular, you get both template-driven for simple form types and Reactive forms for more complex forms with different values and complex validations, etc.

Working with React which first we should understand that it is just a library for the view part of your app and leaves the other implementation like state-management (“Context API is there”), Routing and form handling etc.

Different ways to implement Forms:



I am a full-stack engineer always curious about how to get things better and in a more productive/ lazy manner.

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