There are a lot of supplements in the market for natural bodybuilders

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My favourite supplement may not be the healthiest but for me suitable to my routine is a good wholesome pre-workout. This is the only supplement I have ended up with in my journey of 8years after a lot of trial and error.

The first supplement that most of natural bodybuilders try is a good quality source of protein which is most of the times whey protein, whey protein, was a love and hate relation, I knew it was good for recovery but taking whey protein my appetite was…

Leverage the power of GSAP and Three.js to build your own city.

Three.js and GSAP are some of the best libraries available for creating highly interactive websites in JavaScript, To someone who is working with Flex boxes and CSSGrid, and other CSS3 animations the combination of GSAP and three.js seems like magic.

There should be one time in your career where you should move forward from the normal layout alignments and think about maximizing your inner creativity.

High level of the things that we are using to achieve this effect in the browser

Foremost we have a very basic scene…

Build a bass visualizer with JavaScript and three.js

Anytime we see anything on the Frontend in the development world, and it seems to be a little too complex and has more than 1 WTF/sec. It’s highly likely that the website is using some pro-grade animation library as the number of possibilities with CSS are quite limited, despite all the amazing preprocessors, like sass etc there is a limit to how interactive you can make the DOM with CSS.

Working on the UI I highly recommend going through GSAP, Three.js P5.js these are some of the libraries that allow you to…

Working at a desk job you have to play smart with your cards to lose fat and gain muscle.

I started my fat loss journey 8years ago; it seemed to be impossible for me to lose weight and sustain a certain muscle mass for an extended period.

The Fat that I had accumulated was not a reason for binge eating a single season of holidays, instead, it accumulated over multiple years which I was trying to find a shortcut to lose.

Being naïve in fitness the first thing I search for was losing 8kg in one week or something stupid…

Hey Fam,

Great article. What is your take on the rangle Augury vs dev tools that are announced now, have you noticed any significant difference.

Know Your Arsenal Tools on the Battlefield

As Software developers most of us try to learn the most flashy framework, the technology with the most amount of job postings powerful frameworks to boost our productivity with a negligible amount of code, but there is another thing that is very vital for your developer productivity.

Touch typing is one of the best things that I have learned during my career and helps me do and write a lot of things much faster as compared to my colleagues who could know something better than me.

Given a task we have to code…

It’s complicated but pretty straightforward at the same time.

In my book a good programming language has to have a certain set of attributes it should be versatile, performant, and scalable in real-world scenarios, but the choice of the mainstream or debate in some go to conference should not be the deciding factor.

Landing a job in 2021 with the pandemic, depending on the region you fall in may either be easy for you or difficult than ever to onboard with remote hiring being a norm in most of the place, a company if they expect you to have mastery over a language that is not that mainstream or…

Use artificial intelligence and JavaScript to add a brain to your favorite retro games.

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We live in a world where most things are moving towards automation, And what I recently found out there is nothing more satisfying than watching Artificial intelligence help you break records in your favorite game.

And with TensorFlow.js we have the same power of Artificial intelligence available in JavaScript. TensorFlow makes it very easy for you to perform routine functionalities trademark of machine learning easier than ever and has support for both low level and high-level API's

There are different applications to Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in…

It pi***** me off when we do an Adhoc release and roll back later.

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Every developer has to go through the process of releasing their project to production after a certain period.

You have done a lot of hard work and your product is live for the customer to use, you have now developed a special bonding with your client and they rely on your services to have zero downtime in almost all scenarios.

Looking at bigger companies how they have built their brand is by maintaining a relationship of trust with their clients and customers, Integrity and reliability are key factors in this bond.

Unfortunately, the life-cycle of a project is managed by…

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Picture this, you just created your Node.js application, now you have to ensure the availability and robustness of your servers. We will start with a very basic / not recommended way to understand what we did wrong about the deployment of our Node.js application and build our way up, filling in the missing pieces towards our end goal. In this tutorial, we will use Express.

Express App

A very basic app with a healthy route and a route that malfunctions.


Level 1:


I am a full-stack engineer always curious about how to get things better and in a more productive/ lazy manner.

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